Adelaide Primary Staff List:

Welcome to our wonderful school. We’re a staff who are committed to our school being an environment of excellence for our children to develop and grow in.

Our staff list will give you an overview of who works in our school along with their duties and responsibilities.

Staffing Structure and Responsibilities 2021/22


Senior Leadership Team

Mr S Kernan Executive Headteacher
Mrs Adkinson Head of School
Mrs Dodson Assistant head of school
Mrs Whitelam Assistant head of school

Foundation Stage

Miss Shepherdson 

Foundation Stage Phase Leader & Foundation Stage 2 Teacher

Mrs Turney Foundation Stage 1 teacher
Mrs Louth Foundation Stage 2 teacher
Mrs Dodson

Foundation Stage Phase Leader & Foundation Stage 2 Teacher

Miss Jordan Foundation Stage 2 teacher

Key Stage One

Mrs Dodson Key Stage One phase leader
Mrs Philips Year 1 teacher
Mrs Walker Year 1 teacher
Miss Ball Year 2 teacher
Miss Barnwell Year 2 teacher
Miss Johnson Currently on maternity leave

Lower Key Stage Two 

Miss Harrison Lower Key Stage Two phase leader
Year 3 teacher
Miss Marin Year 3 teacher 
Mr Snitch Year 4 teacher 
Mr Thompson Year 4 teacher 

Upper Key Stage Two 

Mrs Turvey Upper Key Stage Two phase leader
Year 6 teacher
Mrs Harvie  Year 5 teacher 
Miss Thompson  Year 5 teacher 
Mr Rawling  Year 5 SCITT student  
Mrs Hornsby Year 6 teacher 
Mr Butler Year 6 teacher 

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Miss Coolledge


Miss Barker

Miss Cone HLTA

Teaching Assistants



Ms Bell Teaching Assistant
Miss Rastall Teaching Assistant
Mr Bromby Teaching Assistant
Mrs Alfaruque Teaching Assistant
Ms Chambers Teaching Assistant
Mrs Dodsworth Teaching Assistant
Mrs Easter Teaching Assistant
Mrs Fanthorpe Teaching Assistant
Mrs Garton Teaching Assistant
Mrs Geraghty Teaching Assistant
Miss Maundrill Currently on maternity leave
Ms Musgrave Teaching Assistant
Breakfast Club Lead
Miss Robson Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rose Teaching Assistant
Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Russell Teaching Assistant
Mr Smith Teaching Assistant
ICT Technician
Miss Snell Teaching Assistant
Ms Tan Teaching Assistant
Mrs Thompson Teaching Assistant
Mrs Surdyk Teaching Assistant
EAL Support
Miss Southwick Teaching Assistant

Office Admin & Additional Support

Miss Tullock Business Manager
Mrs Turner Office Manager
Miss Johnson School Business Officer
Miss Hughes Administration Assistant
Miss Varley Human Resources
Mrs Adkinson Child Protection Coordinator 
Mrs Horsfield Emotional Wellbeing Worker
Mrs Bohl SEND Specialist Teacher
Mrs Mamoany Spanish Teacher
Mr Squires Media Teacher
Miss Majoram Sports Coach
Mr Lodge Music Teacher
Mr Laurence Music Teacher
Miss Siddle Music Teacher

Site Staff & Lunchtime

Mr Smithson Caretaker
Miss Bates Senior Lunch Time Supervisor
Miss Smith Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Penn Lunch Time Supervisor
Miss Miller Lunch time supervisor
Mrs Mayamba-Nsiala Lunch Time Supervisor
Miss Mazouka Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Dodsworth Lunch Time Supervisor
Miss Correia Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Garstka Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Jallow Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Murphy Lunch Time Supervisor
Miss North Lunch Time Supervisor
Miss Sobczak Lunch Time Supervisor
Miss Richardson Lunch Time Supervisor
Miss Smith Cleaning Operative
Mrs Mayamba-Nsiala Cleaning Operative
Miss Mazouka Cleaning Operative
Miss Hickson Cleaning Operative

‘The excellent relationships between teachers and their pupils ensure lessons are purposeful and enjoyable’…

OFSTED comments

‘Pupils feel very safe in school because of the school’s rigorous approach to keeping them safe’…

OFSTED comments

‘There is a very strong focus on checking on how well different groups of pupils are learning, so that any falling behind can be immediately helped to make better progress’…

OFSTED comments

‘Teaching and learning are consistently good. As a result most pupils make good progress in reading, writing and mathematics from often significantly below-average starting points’…

OFSTED comments

‘Pupils contribute significantly to the successes of the school through their outstanding behaviour and readiness to learn’…

OFSTED comments

‘The highly successful promotion of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is at the heart of the school’s work’…

OFSTED comments

‘Children make a good start in the early years because of good teaching’…

OFSTED comments

‘Staff morale is high, team spirit is very strong, and all are committed to continued improvement. This helps to explain why the school is continuing to improve’…

OFSTED comments

‘The range of enrichment activities the school provides is excellent and contributes a great deal to pupils’ learning’…

OFSTED comments

‘Leaders leave no stone unturned to ensure that the very diverse school population is treated equally and that there is a relentless focus on driving up pupil performance’…

OFSTED comments

‘The harmonious relationships among all groups, from a wide variety of backgrounds, are a strength of the school’…

OFSTED comments

‘Parents are overwhelmingly supportive, commenting very positively on the school’s many strong features’…

OFSTED comments